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The Golar Tundra is the name of the floating regasifier to anchor off the coast of Piombino this fall. Residents were not notified prior to the decision by the Italian government to locate the chemical processing plant in their waters. They have taken to the streets in protest for much of July. The good people of Piombino demand the regasification plant be moved elsewhere, far from their coastal village. PRIMO's publisher and editor, Truby Chiaviello, interviews Max Civili, a journalist in Rome who continues to cover the story. Developments are ongoing as more information is uncovered about secret deals made by the Italian government to locate the processing vessel in Piombino.
Where is Piombino? About 100 miles east of Florence, Piombino is a village of some 40,000 residents on the Tuscan coast. The active sea port there provides ferries to and fro Sardinia and the Island of Monte Cristo, made famous in the novel by Alexandre Dumas, "The Count of Monte Cristo." Once a dynamic economy with inland factories to make steel and other metals, Piombino has found herself in decline for many years, but, now ready for a new comeback. Many of the manufacturing plants have shut down leaving thousands out of work. Yet, the sea holds opportunity for growth as Italy's first fish farm takes hold in Piombino. Recreation proves most popular as tourists come from all over Europe to swim, boat and fish on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Will the Golar Tundra arrive this fall? Will the Italian government finally hear the cries of Piombino to move the floating regasifier some place else? Max Civili will give us important insight in this ongoing controversy(1).

*Max Civili is an independent producer and journalist with an extensive experience in the international broadcast media. Max boasts decade-long collaborations with the Australian broadcaster SBS and the Iranian 24-hour English language news channel Press TV. He is also a regular contributor for the geopolitical magazine Eastwest. He holds a Master in Geopolitics and global security.


(1) Primo Magazine



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