Brazilian representatives ask Bolsonaro to clarify his participation in Bolivian coup

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In January of this year, the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, acknowledged that he had met with former senator Jeanine Añez, which intensified suspicions about the Brazilian government’s support for the coup that deposed President Evo Morales and international action in support of this process. So far, there is no formal record of this meeting, which was held in secret and whose date is also unknown.

Former Senator Añez, detained in the Miraflores prison, is preparing to face a new trial. Jair Bolsonaro’s confession can be brought to the attention of the court that will judge Añez, together with former military and police chiefs, in the process called “Coup d’Etat II”. The suspicions involve clandestine flights, the fleeing of ministers and possibly weapons deliveries.

From November 2019 to November 2020, during the period in which Áñez governed Bolivia, the Bolivian presidential plane, which can only take off with authorization from the head of state or with them on board, flew frequently and covertly to Brazil.

Brazilian deputies requested access to records and files from meetings between Bolsonaro and Jeanine Añez and Luís Fernando Camacho. The former civic leader was received in 2019 by the then foreign minister of the Bolsonaro government, Ernesto Araújo.

Senator Humberto Costa of the Worker’s Party (PT) of Brazil requested, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all official communications exchanged by the Brazilian diplomatic mission in La Paz and the Ministry in Brasilia, minutes of meetings of the Brazilian ambassador in La Paz with Añez, Camacho and Carlos Mesa and the record of meetings of the then Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo in which Añez and Camacho were present, in 2019.

A third request was submitted to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense seeking information on flights made by aircraft of the Brasilia Air Force (FAB), including the presidential plane, to Bolivian territory in 2019. Complete and documentary information was requested on the cargo and passengers of these flights, as well as their objectives and purposes.

Secret flights to Brazil

In 2020, the Argentine newspaper Página 12 published an article denouncing suspicious and repeated flights of the FAB (Bolivian Air Force 001) presidential plane to Brazil, in an investigation based on information from the US flight tracking company, FlightAware. The first flight mentioned was made on November 11, 2019, after the resignation of Evo Morales and before the inauguration of Añez.

It is not known if anything was taken or brought to Brazil and there is no official record of the president’s travel. Another noteworthy trip is one at the end of December 2020, which coincides with a document from the Brazilian Ministry of Defense that mentions a “withdrawal of arms cargo” on the same date.

Brazil was the first country in the region to recognize the Añez government; its support for the regime continued in 2020, with the objective of building regional hegemony.

SOURCE: This article was originally published in Spanish on Nativa News.


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